Crazy Zoo!

Crazy Zoo! is a fun and addictive finding game for all ages.

Little animals escaped from the zoo, and took with them the keeper’s glasses, hats, wigs, scarves and other accessories. Your goal is to hunt down those animals with lost items on their heads throughout 5 scenes of farm, sky, ocean, grasslands and forests. Your discrimination and reaction speed will be fully challenged by more than 100 stages, ten thousands of combinations of animals and items, and the infinite mode.

1. You can use power-ups to pause the countdown timer for 5 seconds. One power-up is restored every 30 minutes.
2. You can get a crown only when you clear a stage with 3 stars. And you need to get enough crowns to unlock the next scene.
3. Once a little animal is chosen, all the same kind in the stage will escape.
4. In Speed Stages (Diamond Icon), you can both touch and slide to choose animals. The score is based on the time you take. The faster you complete the mission, the higher the score will be.

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We hope you enjoy the game!

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